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Set Goals. Reach. Repeat.

Tim and Teryn

Their fitness journey actually started at the beginning of 2016. Tim was diagnosed with pre-
diabetes and Teryn was severely overweight. Tim took his diagnosis hard -- he became
depressed, but he used his faith in God to pull himself out of the black hole. God told him to
start exercising, and so he started running. He lost most of his weight but was unable to lose the
last few pounds, so Teryn signed him up for a bootcamp-style workout program (Camp
Gladiator) with Stephenie! He absolutely loved it, and urged Teryn to try it -- 4 months later she
signed up!


Tim arranged for Teryn to consult with Stephenie on her overall mobility and nutrition. Stephenie
encouraged Teryn to join the program. Teryn was nervous, but decided to join Stephenie’s boot
camp program with Tim! Tim and Teryn both eat a low-carb and low-fat diet (Tim says that
Teryn counts calories more than he does).


Tim and Teryn started CrossFit in early Spring 2017 -- they were nervous, but they describe
their first WOD as exhilarating and HARD! They kept coming back and were HOOKED!
Teryn’s short- and long-term goals:


“My short-term goal is to overcome anxiety everytime I walk in the front doors at CFB. My long-
term goal is to deadlift 165 lbs. I also want to bench press 80 lbs. so that at next year’s Orange
High School’s “Ag Day,” I will be able to bench press the girl weight (80#). Orange High
School’s FCA puts on a fun weight lifting student competition every year -- I will be 50, and I
want to, possibly, be a show off.”


Tim’s short- and long-term goals:
“My short term goal is to get DU’s, handstand push-ups, and muscle-ups. My long term goal is
to be a crossFit coach by the end of 2020.”
Teryn’s biggest accomplishment(s):
“My biggest accomplishment is losing 60 lbs., several inches of fat, and building muscle!
Stephenie showed me how to count macros, along with doing 3-4 workouts a week, to achieve
this success.”


Tim’s biggest accomplishment(s):
“My biggest accomplishment is getting toes-to-bar. I had to learn to kip first, which I found very
difficult. In fact, I spent a year trying to figure out the coordination end of it. I have never been
good at sports, so coordination is something I have always lacked. But thanks to the CFB
coach’s professional tips and advice, I have developed some!”


Teryn’s favorite & least favorite CF WOD/movement:
“My favorite movement is dumbbell snatches, and least favorite is burpeeeeeees!
I am a teacher assistant at Orange High School and I am constantly walking the halls and going
up and down stairs. Without CrossFit, I wouldn’t be able to do those things efficiently.


Tim’s favorite & least favorite CF WOD/movement:
“My favorite WOD is Cindy and all the warrior WOD’S. I am a Navy Seabee reservist and those
WOD’S are named after the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice! My least favorite
movement is wall balls.”


Teryn’s fun fact:
“A fun fact about me is that my dream car is a 1970 convertible Plymouth Barracuda. I would
love a purple one!”


Tim’s fun fact:
“A fun fact about me is that I own a 1953 Studebaker. It is a piece of my family’s history for
almost 50 years now, and I will pass it down to my boys later in life.”
If you could tell anyone about CrossFit Broadreach, what would you say?
“If I could tell someone, anyone about CFB, I would tell them how the CFB coaches really care
about you and your health. They take the time to make sure you do the movements correctly so
you don’t hurt yourself. They have stopped me during a workout to correct my form, and have
even told me to slow down, or use a lighter weight to produce a better movement. One of the
things you hear about CrossFit is the community-it’s like a family. Well at CFB, it’s absolutely
true! On days when you feel like quitting, or you had a terrible workout, there is always someone
there to tell you that you did a good job, or that you killed it. I know Teryn has shed a few tears
over the last 2 years because she has felt so incapable or frustrated because she can’t move
weight, or her body the way she wants to because of the arthritis in her knees. But on those
days when she feels defeated, someone always says to her, ‘good job!’, or ‘you are getting
“Teryn here -- I have shed almost as many tears when I see someone from the box at a store or
other public space, say how proud they are of me.”