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Nutrition AccountabilitY


Our members’ overall health and well-being are our top priority. We strive to make an impact on the community through knowledge and education. Whether you’re training for performance, looking to lose weight, or just trying to lead a healthier lifestyle your dietary and nutritional habits are the foundation of everything else you do. If you’re not fueling your body properly then it doesn’t matter what your goal is, it will be that much more difficult to achieve.


Three month commitment

Nutrition Membership add on includes:

  • Personalized coaching from our in-house Registered Dietitian

  • Monthly body composition testing

  • Nutrition in-person 30 minute meeting with each test

  • Nutrition Education Material

  • Tips and Tricks for Eating Out/On the Go/Alcohol

  • Basics of Portion Control/Meal Prep/Tips for easy meal prep

  • Sample Menu for Training and Non-Training Days based on template

  • Biweekly 30 minute check-in call

  • Unlimited email access for questions and comments


Meet our dietician

Ella is originally from a small beach town in Florida. Growing up, she loved playing all sports, but from a young age, she knew that her biggest passion was playing soccer.  She was fortunate enough to continue her love for the game and play in high school, in college at Florida State University, and then professionally overseas for first a Russian and then a Scottish team.


She has a BS in dietetics from Florida State University, where she began a passion for nutrition as it related to her performance.  After starting her bachelor’s degree in nutrition in 2008, she has intermittently interned or worked in the realm of nutrition for 10 years.  Most of her experience comes from sports, working in the collegiate setting at Florida State University, North Carolina State University, the University of Virginia, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She has also completed a sports nutrition research internship at the App State Human Performance Lab. There, as a part of several published studies, she was able to learn how the body utilized nutrition during athletic performance.


She is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina’s school of public health where she received her master’s degree in nutrition. While in graduate school, she also developed a passion for type 2 diabetes and was able to intern at the Wilkes County Health Department in diabetes outpatient counseling, in the inpatient clinical setting at Vidant hospital, and at Duke University working in diabetes research.


Her goal moving forward is to foster her love of sports nutrition and type 2 diabetes, but to also spread the knowledge she’s learned to anyone seeking nutrition advice.  She hopes to help all individuals meet their goals, fuel for health, and fuel for vitality.