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Programs & Pricing

CFB OnRamp(Beginner Package)

At CrossFit Broadreach, all athletes who are new to CrossFit begin by working 1-on-1 with one of our coaches. We make a tremendous investment in each of our new athletes in an effort to establish a strong foundation and help you to be successful.

Our On-Ramp Course is top-notch. We will match you with one of our coaches for three private training sessions. During those sessions, you’ll learn proper form and technique for the foundational movements of CrossFit. We’ll introduce you to CrossFit workouts and help you get acquainted with the gym. This also provides us with time to get to know you and learn about your goals.

Upon completion of these sessions, some athletes are ready to move into group classes, others continue working one-on-one with their coach or choose a hybrid where they move into group classes but also work with their coach on a less frequent basis.

On-Ramp gives us the opportunity to get to know you as an athlete so that we can better serve you in group classes. No previous athletic experience is required to join our community as we offer a superior level of coaching in every class, but our group classes move fast and we want you to be prepared.

The cost for Foundations is $179. We will work with you to accommodate your schedule as necessary.

CrossFit Group Classes

Our CrossFit classes are 1 hour long and offer a variety of fitness. Each session is lead by a Certified CrossFit Trainer and class sizes are capped at 12 athletes. 

At CFB, we pride ourselves in our community. This is our strongest asset. You have a support system and a team that will cheer you on right from the start.

In each class, you will be lead and instructed on proper form and how to scale the workout to you own ability. You will be challenged and always get a workout that is different and exciting!

The CFB Coaching team is there to teach and inspire. Our goal is for each athlete to learn something knew everyday and leave the workout a better and fitter version of themselves.

All CFB memberships are unlimited. 

Price: $150/Month

10% Discounts:


-Additional Family Members

Looking to use CFB during off hours? CFB has a 24/7 membership option for athletes who would like to get in a workout anytime of day.

This option is only for members with 3+ Months of experience in Group classes.

Please reach out to coach@crossfitbroadreach.com if you would like to know more!

Price: $174 per Month 

Drop In (Experienced athletes) : $25 

Personal Training

For a more personalized approach to reaching your health and fitness goals, CFB offers one on one Personal Training for all members.

PT sessions are based off of your schedule and designed specifically towards your goals.

To discuss rates and Hybrid Options (Group and PT), please set up a No Sweat Intro with a CFB Trainer!

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